K Manifest

Success of Kaner Textile is based on 10 core

360° Quality

We see quality as a whole necessity to be developed and improved continuously in our business processes from raw material to final product, from customer-employee-supplier relationships to environmental sensitivity. We carry the rules of “Code of Conduct” in the heart of our enterprises.


We never compromise of reliability in our customer relationships. Kaner Textile is a special enterprise private in its customer information, consistent with commitments and faithful in its relations.

Operational Efficiency

The basis of all measures to increase the competitive pricing and the profitability of our customers are based on the operational efficiency in our business entities. We make good use of our time and provide faultless products.


We have added difference to our products. We are increasing the competitiveness of our customers in market by interpreting fashion of knitted outerwear in advance.

Global Marketing

We are exporting all of our products to strong brands in the most demanding markets for the last 22 years. We are creating difference in 12 countries with our quality as the honour of Turkish Textile Industry.


Our cooperation with the companies that we are currently working with is based on long years. We are surely continuing our way as a solution partner without being affected by the seasonal fluctuations.


Kaner Textile is an enterprise that is respectful to human, humanity and nature.


We respond the dizzying pace of fashion with the same tempo and increase the competitiveness of our customers in the market.

Customer Oriented

We approach to our business processes with the perspective of our customers by holding customer perception at the highest level.


We reinforce our success with our social responsibilities in our corporate philosophy that accepts the human being as a starting point in high level of environmental awareness by applying work ethic, uncompromisingly. Kaner Textile does its share for a more liveable world.